According to AASM Constitution

4.1 Membership of AASM shall consist of any national/regional organization or individual or legal entity or other organization interested in furthering the purpose of AASM and whose application and payment for admission as a member shall be renewed on an annual basis.
4.2 There shall be two categories of membership in AASM: Full and Associate.
4.3 Full Member: An AASM “Full Member” represents a specific national/regional sport management organization. Each Full member shall be represented at the General Assembly by one delegate nominated to the Secretary General by the Full Member.
4.3.1 AASM shall admit only one national/regional sport management organization as its member from a specific nation/region.
4.3.2 The Board of AASM shall, in its absolute discretion, determine which organization shall be admitted as the representative of a nation or region. It may rely on, but is not bound by or limited to, evidence such as being a professional organization legally registered to its government by providing its certificate to AASM.
4.3.3 All Full Members have full voting rights at all General Meetings of AASM [see 5.2].
4.4 Associate Member: An AASM “Associate Member” may be a person, a company, an educational institution or any other legal entity or organization which is not a representative of a Nation or Region.
4.4.1 AASM may admit as many Associate Members as it deems appropriate.
4.4.2 The Board of AASM shall, in its absolute discretion, determine which individuals, companies, educational institutions or other legal entities or organizations shall be admitted as an Associate Member. It may rely on such evidence as it deems appropriate to determine the status of the applicant for Associate Membership.
4.4.3 Notwithstanding 4.4.2, all members of a Full Member are deemed to be Associate Members of AASM.
4.4.4 Associate members may attend but have no voting rights at the General Assembly.
4.4.5 Associate members may stand for election or seek appointment to the Executive committee or any sub-Committee of AASM.
4.4.6 Subject to 4.4.4 above, Associate Members shall have the same voting rights as other members of any Committee to which they are elected or appointed.
4.5.1 Annual membership fees will be determined by the Executive Committee, and put to the Annual General Assembly Meeting for ratification by the members.
4.5.2 All dues shall be paid annually in U.S. dollars or their equivalent by the first day of July.
4.5.3 The financial year of the Association shall begin on 1 st July and end on the following 30 th June.
4.5.4 A member, who has not renewed membership by payment of its, his or her dues by the first day of July, shall be reinstated at any time before the close of the current fiscal year upon payment of the full amount of dues.
4.6 A Membership application must be addressed to the Secretary General on the prescribed form.
4.7 Membership shall become effective when the Treasurer has received the current year’s dues. Membership fees or dues shall be assessed in accordance with the recommendation of the Executive Committee and the majority approval at the General Assembly.
4.8 The status of membership is lost, ceased or suspended through failure to pay the membership fees or dues for the current year by the date as specified by the Treasurer.
4.9 Members operating on behalf of the Association will not incur any personal liability and members whose membership is forfeited or suspended relinquish all rights arising therefrom.

Apply for AASM Membership

  1. Submit these following documents to AASM secretariat Full AASM Membership
  • Completed AASM Membership Application form
  • Constitution
  • Certificate of a professional organization legally registered to its government
  • List of members (names and email) in Excel format Associate AASM Membership
  • Completed AASM Membership Application form
  • Evidence of legal registration to its government
    Individual: Copy of Identification Card/Passport issued by his/her government, or student/employee or membership card of legal entity on its government.
    Company, Institution, Legal Entity: Certificate of legally entity registered to its government
  1. The membership application will be considered in AASM EC meeting and send notification to prospect member by email.
  2. The prospect member needs to pay membership fee in order membership to become effective.
  3. The list of active membership will be posted on AASM website.

Membership fees or dues

Paid by July 1, Annually

Member Categories Membership Fee (USD)
Full Member 300
Associate Member (Professional and Organization) 50
Associate Member (Student) 20


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